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oil lake recovery pontoon

We are specialist consultants providing forensic and expert witness support for thermal engineering and design issues.
Dove Thermal Engineering undertakes projects in product development, process improvement and thermal process design.
We design and build a range of heating & cooling equipment, and provide complete balance of plant & process cooling schemes.

Process and Thermal Product Development

Dove Thermal's experience of outsource product development programmes includes over thirty high street and industrial products: from table-top wine coolers to oil lake recovery equipment (above), from cash dispensing machines to diesel-electric nosemount chillers, from white goods dehumidifiers to gas-fired bakery tunnel ovens. We have designed and built temperature conditioning equipment for airframe and engine fuel systems, environmental control units for aero engine test plant, and developed NDT methods to identify causes of structural failure in large rotating machinery.

While many of our projects are directly concerned with chemical or food production, some relate to equipment, systems and processes for improving the mechanical testing of - for example - diesel engines, gas turbines, hydraulic equipment, metal filters, thermal clothing and soft goods, and various aerospace components.

Innovations designed to address a client’s immediate requirements can become marketable products in their own right. We invented and built a compact reactive mass balancing system to eliminate machine vibration and reduce noise emission from centrifuging dryers - in which mass and load distribution varies with run time. In contrast to the intricacies of conventional electro-mechanical arrangements, the only moving part in its detection stage was the core of an LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) to gauge micron-scale shaft displacements. Our development model employed a dry ballasting arrangement which we later developed for use in other types of rotating equipment where mutually variable masses and their distribution give rise to noise and vibration issues.

Embedded Logic

Process control software written for new thermal product development purposes might subsequently be embodied into production plant and machinery upon fulfilment of its original function, or routines embedded into the control PCBs of finished domestic or industrial goods. Other dual-role examples typically include production testing stages for quality and performance assurance - as for Foseco thermic lances and metal filters, GEC Gas Turbines engine systems, J.I.Case hydraulics test beds, and several more.

Test Methods and Equipment

We originate test plant and procedures for companies who wish to outsource product development projects, and to support our own design programmes. Examples include DMU-Railcar engine management groups, test bed development of the original HS125 locomotive unit, enhancement of manufacturing processes, and locomotive cooling air porting arrangements. Test methods and equipment have been developed to optimise routing of automotive exhaust systems, the stability of blown film extrusion processes, and to neutralize vibration in large rotary expressing machines. Copies of papers describing various of our product and process development projects are available on application.

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Development & Test

Dove Thermal Products

Coolant Management Modules; Drying Tunnels
Steam-Heated Calorifiers; Thermal Oil Heaters
Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers; HTF Heaters
Thermal Fluid Heaters; HTF-Heated Calandria
Packaged Quench Plants; Air Handling Units
Balance-of-Plant Modules; Cooling Tunnels
Packaged Plant Skid Mounts

Dove Thermal Services

Forensic Engineering; HVRAC Engineering
Consult-Design-Construct Services
Thermal Engineering Consultancy
Process Plant & Process Design
Thermal Fluid Heating Systems
Environmental Systems Design

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